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Frequently asked questions

Solar Panels work on the phenomenon called the Photoelectric Effect to produce electricity. Solar Panels are nothing but blocks of specially designed semiconducting material which produce a small amount of electricity when light falls on them. This small amount of electricity is produced in a large number of solar panels (Solar Arrays) to produce electricity for everyday consumption.

The cost of a Solar PV Rooftop Setup depends on many factors such as the connected load, type and quality of the components used in the system, total available roof area etc.

Though the capital cost of a PV System is higher than a DG System, a DG System accounts for a high fuel cost and maintenance cost. While a PV System doesn’t require any fuel and its maintenance is very minimal and easy. Apart from this a Solar PVV System is clean and environmental friendly option for a backup system.

Shading has a very large impact on the performance of a Solar PV System. Since a Solar Panel is made of large number of Solar Cells, shading on a small part of it can have a knock-on effect as the energy produced by the rest of the Solar Panel may be consumed by the part which is under the shade.

Net Metering is a policy that allows the unused power produced by the Solar PV System to be fed to the Grid to which the system is tied to.

A Solar PV System doesn’t require direct sunlight to be able to work, though direct sunlight gives the maximum efficiency. The system continues to work even during the overcast conditions but the efficiencies are going to be reduced to some extent.

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